Here are a few of my favorite [tag]Basketball Dribbling Drills[/tag].

1. Skip [tag]Dribbling Drill[/tag]

The player stands and moves his legs in a scissors motion, with his toes pointing straight forward.  He switches back and forth, first with his right leg kicking forward, then his left leg kicking forward and so on.

Each time, he scissors his legs, the layer dribbles the ball through his legs from front to back, from one hand to the other.  Then he dribbles from back to front, from one hand to the other.  The goal is to continue to do this as many times as possible without losing control of the ball.

A good score would be 50 consecutive bounces. Players should concentrate on going as quickly as possible without losing the ball.  Keep your head up, not looking down at the ball.

2. Crab Run Basketball Dribbling Drills

To start, the player bends over and moves his legs forward and backward in a scissors-like fashion, keeping toes pointed ahead (this is the same motion as the Skip Drill).  Instead of dribbling the ball back and forth between each hand, the player passes the ball between his legs without having it hit the ground.

The player continues to pass the ball back and forth between his legs, while running up the court as quickly as possible.

Make sure the player keeps his head up and focused on the opposite wall of the gym.

3. Protection Dribbling Drill

The player starts at one end of the court, then zig-zags across the court to the other side.  Every time he changes direction, he tries a different move.  He can do a simple cross-over, go through the legs, around the back, or a reverse dribble.

The player keeps his off-hand up to protect the ball, while moving as quickly as possible to the other end.