Below are two great basketball dribbling drills that are super effective for players in the 6-10 age group.

I utilize this drill to improve dribbling, pivot,“  jump stop while also working their conditioning.

The girls dribble around the outside of the court with their outside hand, when I blow the whistle they jump stop and then quickly pivot and start dribbling the opposite direction with their outside hand. “  I do this for 5 or 6 minutes emphasizing head up, control and other proper dribbling fundamentals. “ “  I alter the pace from slow to fast.

Another of my favorite basketball dribbling drills is called dribble tag.

This works best in a half court setting. Every player is dribbling a basketball. One player carries a flag of some sort, (uniform, pennie, etc.)

He is “it”. Every one constantly dribbles working with both hands and dribbling moves, i.e. crossover, stutter dribble, behind the back, etc.

The dribbler with the flag, while he dribbles, tries to tag someone else. If successful, he hands off the flag and the new player is “it”. You can do this for any amount of time you want but 7/8 minutes is usually enough.