These [tag]basketball dribbling drills[/tag] look really crazy at first but they will improve dribbling.

Full court have them dribble behind their back, over to one side, and back to the starting side.  This counts as one. They must do this five times before they get to the other end.  This will make them concentrate on dribbling.

Full court has them dribble between their leg–a crossover.  First start with same hand, right and same right leg.  The [tag]basketball[/tag] must bounce behind the leg and to the left side and then from the left hand under left leg to right side; another crossover.

The third part of this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is to have them do a crossover from the right side to left side under the left leg.

Things looked pretty bad at the start of the season but it has improved their concentration and dribbling.