I coach [tag]basketball[/tag] to a young team–grade school level.  They have struggled with dribbling while looking down instead of up the court to see if a team member may be open or flashing up for the basketball.  Try these [tag]basketball dribbling drills[/tag] with your players for quick results.

I have started doing this “blindfold dribble” [tag]basketball drill[/tag] with them.  We started by standing in one spot, dribbling the ball with eyes closed for one minute.  Once they got the hang of that, we broke into two lines, so they have plenty of room, starting on the baseline.  We have an adult in front of each line to “guide” them“  in case they are going to bump into anything.

Then I have them walk up court, with their eyes closed, dribbling to the opposite baseline.  Now before we start a game I can tell them, “listen, if you can dribble down the court with your eyes closed, then you can dribble up the court with your eyes up”!

This has really helped them build their confidence in this area.