I often use these [tag]basketball dribbling drills[/tag] to work with my children to focus on fitness and bi-lateral movement.

The first drill I really like to use is “chair dribbling”.  It is easy to set up and can be changed a hundred different ways.  Essentially take a couple of chairs and place them inside the three point line (generally at the 4 o’clock, 6 o’clock, or 8 o’clock range“  if the basket was 12) creating an obstacle course on the way to a lay up.  The kids can use any series of moves, fakes or just a controlled dribble around the inanimate objects on their way to the basket.  I add chairs and or compress space to increase difficulty and encourage creative thinking (big in my overall goals).

Another drill is a warm-up that I call Ten in a Row.  The player dribbles from one end and shoots one shot then dribbles to the other and shoots one shot. The drill continues for about four minutes or until the player(s) have made ten in a row.

Most players shoot layups but throughout the season the players will challenge themselves to get better and will use different styles of dribbling and will shoot a variety of shots.

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