I was at practice last night and used these [tag]basketball dribbling exercises[/tag] that one of the coaches sent to me.  Give this a try with your team.Basketball Dribbling Exercises

From John…
This is my dribbling [tag]basketball“ warm-up[/tag] that I do at every [tag]basketball practice[/tag] with my 12-13 year old girls.

Split the team in half; every girl has a [tag]basketball[/tag] and one group stands on one baseline to the right and the other group stands on the other base line opposite side from the other group.

You set up three cones in front of each group–one at the foul line extended, the next at center, then the other foul line extended. The first girl will dribble up to the first cone and make a move cross over then explode to the next cone and repeat and the next two cones then do a lay-up getting her own rebound. Next she joins the end of the other line. Run it for about 20 min. with the girls performing different moves each time through.

This is great“ conditioning and great for teaching the girls how to explode away from their checks.