These are a couple of the [tag]basketball dribbling skills[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] that James and Paul sent to me.  Try these [tag]basketball[/tag] drills“ out with your team tonight!Basketball Dribbling Skills

From James…

When I have a kid who keeps his head down on the [tag]dribble[/tag] I’ll put my fingers up and get them to count out loud how many fingers I have up, adding dribble moves and combos when they become better.
When they have mastered this, I’ll have them [tag]dribbling[/tag] in one hand and in low stance (say as protecting the ball) and throw them a tennis ball.  They have to catch it and throw it back as well as hard dribbling with the other hand. Then, they catch throw it higher in the air and, while dribbling, move to catch it and throw it back. Next, they switch hands.
This one gets weird looks but they soon love it.  I find this adds to improve their two ball dribblng drills.

From Paul…

Dribble lines

Most drills I have are not new but maybe revised a little.  I [tag]coach[/tag] JV Basketball and constantly work on fundamentals.  To help our dribbling we run lines while dribbling.

The player runs a set of“  lines while dribbling right handed.  When they reach each line they“  have to continue dribbling while reaching down to touch the line. “  This helps them to concentrate on doing another task while learning“  to let the dribble feel natural.  The drill is repeated with the left hand and also doing crossovers during the run.