This is one of the many drills for [tag]basketball dribbling skills[/tag] sent to me recently. “  Try out Carl’s [tag]drill[/tag] with your team tonight!Basketball Dribbling Skills

From Carl…
Here is my [tag]basketball[/tag] drill. We call it 40 seconds because that is the length of time a player has to perform the drill four times.  This is a [tag]dribbling[/tag] drill where the player starts above the three point line mid court.

The player begins by dribbling with their right hand straight toward the basket about four dribbles forward. They then do a PULL BACK dribble three steps, square to the hoop and perform a CROSSOVER dribble.  With their left hand on a 45 degree angle they take two or three dribbles forward, then a BEHIND THE BACK dribble and change direction heading towards the corner, before they reach the corner they perform a HESITATION dribble.  When they reach the corner they do a THROUGH THE LEGS dribble changing direction and heading across the baseline.  When the dribbler gets under the hoop they do a PUSH PULL dribble move.  Upon reaching the other sideline they do a REVERSE PIVOT dribble and head back toward the starting spot.

After doing another [tag]crossover dribble[/tag] they will be ready to do the entire sequence again starting with their left hand and therefore going the opposite direction.  Twice with the right hand and twice with the left hand in 40 seconds.

This drill teaches each of the [tag]dribble[/tag] moves we use during a game, with the player learning to dribble under pressure with control and speed.