I received these [tag]basketball drills[/tag] for [tag]basketball dribbling techniques[/tag] from Anne.  Creative and effective; give them a try!Basketball Dribbling Techniques

From Anne…
A [tag]basketball drill[/tag] that I have incorporated into my sessions at the moment is as follows:“  My teaching mindset most of the time is a no nonsense approach to [tag]basketball[/tag] and tricks and fancy ball handling skills don’t appear too high up on my list of priorities.

Having said this I do see the need for players to master the spin dribble, cross over dribble and the behind the back.  To practice these skills I position three defensive objects (can be chairs, coaches or even rubbish bins) at three points in the floor usually free throw line extended left hand side of court, mid Court right hand side of court and other free throw line extended left hand side of Court.

The players line up at one end of the court and execute a designated dribble, one of the three above, at each defender, finishing off the circuit with a lay up. “  I then reverse the drill and have my players start from the other end of the court so they are approaching each defender with the other hand. “  I find this is a [tag]fun basketball drill[/tag] that has to be done with speed as another player is released as soon as you hit the second defender.