Special thanks to Larry, one of my subscribers, for sending this one in.  If you’re searching for [tag]basketball dribbling tricks[/tag] to help your players, you should try this out!

I coach at the Middle School level so many of our [tag]basketball drills[/tag] are designed to teach fundamentals.  This [tag]basketball dribbling drill[/tag] is designed to teach players the importance of keeping their eyes up when they dribble with the idea that they should see their teammates when they get open.
Basketball Dribbling Tricks
The drill:
1. Set up a zig-zag pattern of cones on each side of the court and down the length of the court.
2. Have the players dribble around the cones with a low cross at each cone and a change of direction.
3. Send a [tag]basketball coach[/tag] down the middle of the 2 dribble lanes holding up different number of fingers, changing after both players have correctly called out the correct number of fingers.
4. Each player is to call out the number of fingers the coach is holding up.
5. A little twist on this drill is to have them throw the coach the [tag]basketball[/tag] only when all five fingers are held up noting the first player of the two to throw the ball.
6. We run the drill over with a spin move, behind-the-back move, and a between-the-legs move at the cone; doing the same thing with the coach holding up fingers.

We have found that this drill makes the players focus on the floor rather than looking at the ball and allows them to realize that they can dribble without looking at the ball.