I’ve found that these simple [tag]basketball drills[/tag] have worked well for my team of 12-15 year old girls. The first one is a simple warm up drill and the next is a variation on the suicide drill.

3 Man weave 2 on 1

  • Line up with 3 lines under the basket.
  • You three man weave until half court.
  • Then the players turn around and come back.
  • The last person to touch the [tag]basketball[/tag] becomes the defender.

Typically they slam the ball down near half court welcoming the 2 on 1 challenge.  It’s then a live 2 on 1 until a shot or a steal is made. Then the next group of three goes.  I’ve found it helps get them into game mode much better than the typical layups drill, both defensively and offensively, by seeing the floor and looking for options available,“  and not just going through the motions.

Another tip is for when you are doing the suicide run. We start at the baseline and go to the foul line, then back and then to half court.  Once at half court, the suicide is a run/skip backwards.

This helps the girls to remember to turn around at half court and play defensive/offensive ball from that point on (unless of course, we are in a full court press).

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