These [tag]basketball drills and plays[/tag] stress conditioning, transition, and decision making.

This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] starts with three lines on one end with 2 players on the opposite end.
The first three players start weaving towards the other end for lay up, and then coming back face a 3-1 situation (player stepped in as the first three took off for weave).

Once they score, the defender pushes the ball up (the 2 players on the opposite side step in). The 3 defenders must talk as they sprint back to cover.  As the ball goes to the wing, the player must drive toward baseline, forcing help and the “fill” by the third defender.

After this is done the ball is swung to opposite side.  The player drives toward baseline forcing help and “fill”. The ball is then passed to point and the play is a live 3 on 3.

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