My post players are having trouble finishing. One of the [tag]basketball drills and plays[/tag] I use“  to address this problem is a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] called the Superman Drill.

  • Player 1 starts on the box with [tag]basketball[/tag].
  • Player 2 stands in front of Player 1 (where he will hit and bump player 1, he will not try to block shot).
  • Player 1 throws ball high off backboard over rim and catches the ball on opposite box in a wide low power position and chin the ball with elbows out, and then explode to the basket where player 2 who is following player 1 will do his job (hit and bump).
  • After his shot player 1 will retrieve the ball and return to the box he just shot from and repeat the drill.
  • This is a 30 second drill. After 30 seconds player 1 and player 2 switch.

My post players are worried about getting hit or fouled when under the basket. They adjust their shot and then lose focus. This drill will teach them to go up strong and expect to be hit and to stay focused on the rim.

I also use this drill with a ball and shot fake before shooting.