I find teaching new players the fundamentals of boxing out can be challenging.  Here are two [tag]basketball drills for beginners[/tag] I use to teach this concept.

This first [tag]basketball drill[/tag] I find useful for helping teach the fundamentals of boxing out:

4-5 offensive players form a circle about 15 feet in diameter, facing center.
The same number of defensive players form a circle facing an offensive player that they are “guarding”, in defensive position.

A [tag]basketball[/tag] is placed on floor in the center of the circle.
The [tag]basketball coach[/tag] blows the whistle and the defensive players turn and box out the offensive player that they are guarding, and try to keep them away from the basketball for 3 seconds, when the coach again blows the whistle to stop.

Offensive players try to get the basketball when the coach blows the first whistle.

Another fun drill encompasses offense/defense/boxing out/rebounding and a lot of fun.
1. Line up players on half court arms length apart, facing the hoop.
2. Assign them each a number…..out of sequence
3. Place a ball on the foul line.
4. Call out 2 random numbers.
5. Players who’s numbers were called race to the ball. Player who gains control takes it to the hoop while other player plays defense, calls for shot, boxes out etc.
6. Play continues until someone scores.