These are a couple of [tag]basketball drills for beginners[/tag] sent to me by two of my subscribers. Try them out with your team tonight!Basketball Drills for Beginners

From Jojo…
I do this drill at [tag]basketball practice[/tag] called Rip It.

I have two girls hold on to a ball and they try to rip it away from each other. It might seem like a simple drill but the girls love it and it makes them want the ball in a jump ball situation. I don’t blow the whistle till one of them gets it free and has possession.

This drill has shown the girls never to give up and if they can rip it fast enough in a game it could turn into our possession or a basket.

From Mike…
One [tag]basketball drill[/tag] that I have used for over 20 years is the reverse pivot drill with a [tag]basketball[/tag].

We first teach the kids the drill without a basketball. They start in one corner run and jump stop at the half court line. They then kick their foot behind them. The foot farthest away from the direction they are going. We jump stop at side of the court and then run to each corner, as in a figure eight.

After they learn the correct way to reverse pivot and jump stop we then introduce a basketball into the drill. Teaching them to spin away from their defending without palming the basketball.

This drill incorporates jump stops, reverse pivoting, defensive posture and basic basketball dribbling skills while learning to go around a defender properly while dribbling.