These [tag]basketball drills for beginners[/tag] are simple but they give your [tag]basketball[/tag] players a good two way workout. The players pair up and the first set line up one being offense the other defense.

  • Player 1 is on the base line and player two is about 4 feet up and facing in.
  • Player 1 lobs the down the court, just above player 2’s head.
  • Player 2 catches up and dribbles down court ( all out break) and takes a shot at the other end.
  • Meanwhile, as soon as player 1 threw it in, he/she becomes the defense and tries to prevent that shot.
  • As soon as player 2 takes the shot, he/she turns to defense and player 1 becomes offense and goes up court to shot on the other basket.  The next pair goes then.

We use this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] often in practice and the improvements are seen in all players from beginners to more experienced.