When running [tag]basketball drills for kids[/tag], it is important to choose activities that build fundamentals, while allowing the kids to have fun and enjoy the game.  My favorite [tag]basketball drill[/tag] for young players is Bump.
Bump is a fun [tag]shooting drill[/tag] that can be played with any age group.  For younger kids, start the game directly in front of the basket, close to the dotted circular line.  Older, more experienced players can move as far back as the 3 point line to play.  Here’s how the game works.

First, the players line up behind the chosen spot on the floor (usually the dotted line, free throw line, or three point line).  The first two players in line each have a ball.

To start the game, the person who is first in line shoots.  As soon as the shot leaves his hands, the second person is allowed to shoot.  If the first person makes his shot, he passes it back up to the front of the line (where the third person in line is now waiting).

If the first person misses, and the second person makes his shot before the first person is able to get his own rebound and score, the first person is “bumped” out of the game, and both balls are returned to the front of the line.

If the first person makes his shot, and the second person misses, the [tag]basketball[/tag] is passed to the third player, who can now try to get the second person out.  This continues until there is only two players left.  At that point, the first player runs back to the line to shoot after he scores, rather than passing the ball to a player at the front of the line.

NOTE: some teams like to play a variation of this [tag]drill[/tag] called Power Bump.  In this version, players are allowed to use their balls to bump another players ball out of the way, making it harder for them to retrieve their rebound quickly.

Like many basketball drills for kids, you can increase focus and effort by offering a prize to the winner.  Basketball cards, candy, small amounts of cash, or a drink from the soda machine tend to work well.