Michael & Rick sent us these ideas for coaching.  They relate to [tag]basketball drills for kids[/tag] and include some great tips you can begin using with your team right away.Basketball Drills for Kids

Here is Mike’s [tag]drill[/tag] idea:

I [tag]coach[/tag] a lot of little kids, 6 and 7 year olds.  They have a tendency to lose interest real quick.  To combat this I keep my practices short and the drills are always a game, like simon sez dribbling and simon sez defense (simon sez put your arms up, slide your feet).  Every drill also has a prize for everyone.  These little tactics make it fun for even the most inept youngster and teaches them as well. 
This is what Rick suggested:

In order to keep the kids motivated, we instituted an awards board and celebrated smaller accomplishment–so many rebounds, points, etc. As long as the kids were giving it their all, that is all we could expect. I would keep the practices varied with different drills along with practicing fundamentals, plyos, film, motivational movies.
At the end of the [tag]basketball[/tag]“ season, the senior captain 800 point career scorer, said that this was the best season he had even though the record did not show it.