If you’re looking for [tag]basketball drills for kids[/tag] give this drill a try. It is a [tag]dribbling basketball drill[/tag] (or dribbling game).  The object is to be the last one with a ball.

All the kids are in a circle (preferably a circle painted on the floor).  Nobody can dribble out of the circle.  You have to have control of your [tag]basketball[/tag] and walk around in the circle dribbling and try to tap out the other opponents ball (w/out loosing yours).

If you loose your ball, you sit right in the circle.  Now the other kids have to avoid you siting on the floor and other people trying to tap your ball.  I only give them maybe 3-5 min.  Then I start another game.  This way nobody sits too long.

When the kids started to get really good at keeping their balls from being knocked away, I had them switch hands and dribble left.  They couldn’t stop laughing plus concentration improved tremendously.

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