Basketball Drills for KidsTake a look at this submission from Paul, one of my subscribers.  A great idea for [tag]basketball drills for kids[/tag] that can work with your younger players.

This is a full court [tag]basketball drill[/tag] for younger players, my assistant [tag]basketball coach[/tag] calls the Luigi drill!“  It is a long story.
2/3 Post players start at each end of the court. They make an outlet pass, run the floor, trailing the weak side. 1 sec stutter/hesitation at weak side elbow, before executing a weakside cut for a lay up or a jump stop at the ball side low block or elbow.
Outlet dribbles to centre and executes a cross over and a short speed dribble and pick up and pass to wing, who feeds the post cutting or posting.

Outlet follows the pass and joins wing line after the pass. Wing line after inside pass crosses the court and joins outlet at opposite side of the court.

This is a continuous [tag]basketball[/tag] drill and the rotation for players is outlet to wing, join wing lane, wing to post, join opposite outlet lane.  Post only runs the floor for post plays, score/rebound outlet, run the floor, post moves, score/ rebound continuously.  There are many variations depending on what skills you need to practice.