This is one of my favorite [tag]basketball drills for kids[/tag]. It’s a good warm up drill plus it works on ball-handling skills as well.

The [tag]basketball drill[/tag] goes like this. Stand in the corner of the floor, all the players line up on the out of bounds line with a [tag]basketball[/tag].  I then get the ball one at a time from the player and throw it down the floor.

The players must:

  1. Get the ball,
  2. Dribble down the floor,
  3. Make a lay up,
  4. Dribble back down the floor
  5. Shoot another lay up.

The key is to start by throwing the ball about 1/2 court then as the season wears on“  throw it harder and faster. They know if they do not get/maintain the ball before it goes out of bounds they run 2 laps.