This is one of the [tag]basketball drills for shooting[/tag] that one of my subscribers sent in.  Try this out with your team tonight!Basketball Drills for Shooting

From Ray…
Here’s a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] we like to do to get our players used to sprinting down court and then gathering themselves for a quick shot.

We make three lines under one basket, the middle line has the [tag]basketball[/tag].  The two wings take off running toward the opposite basket.  The ball handler dribbles down court and hits the first player to reach the appointed spot.  The other player has to sprint and touch the end line and head back down court.  The ball handler gets the rebound and heads back down court looking to hit the other player for the shot.  If the ball handler beats the non-shooting player back down court he takes the shot.

We take three different shots (3-pointer/mid-range bank shot/layup) as part of the drill and the players take the same kind of shot for a timed period.  To add focus we sometimes keep track of how many shots were made and if they don’t make a certain percentage the whole group runs sprints.

Emphasis is on moving the ball down court quickly, getting under control for a game speed shot and conditioning.