Hi Coach Pat:

Congratulations on the successful launch of this program [Basketball Blueprint]
and many thanks as well.

My name is Tom **** and I’m presently coaching at the 7th grade
traveling level in ****. I’m 50 years old and still enjoy
playing 2-3 times a week over the lunch hour. My competitive playing
years ended when I was about 35 mainly for lack of time due to family
callings. I played Division II ball (NAIA) at University of ****
and have been coaching on and off for the past 8 years.

This years team is relatively small with the post players at about 5’6
– 5’7. The guards are quick and my point guard is a good shooter and
ball handler with very quick foot speed. The forwards are really the
size of the guards 5′ 1 – 5’3. A couple of them can interchange with
the guard positions. The pivot men are a big boned so they don’t really
get pushed around and they seem to be able to maneuver well for
rebounds. As a whole, I’d like your advice on and thoughts on how to
keep practices fun while getting the most out of our 1 1/2 hrs. We
practice 2X/wk with tourneys on the weekends. Your program has been a
God’s send but is there anything else that you might suggest for my
small but big hearted team. ( ie. fitness training basketball oriented
drills for both offense and defense) In addition all the examples you
outlined in this email are ones which would be considerably helpful.
(Aggressive post play, point guard ball handling and penetrating
skills, court vision, team speed, team shooting range, best zone and
man on man press, best ways to bust the press, suggestions on what
offense might work well for us in both man on man and zone situations,
how to distribute playing time and still play to win)

Thanks again for making this opportunity available!

Best Wishes on a successful season.

Just so you guys know- this was an e-mail sent to me kicking off a coaching consultation.  The [tag]basketball[/tag] consultations were a bonus for the first 25 [tag]Basketball Blueprint[/tag] owners.  I couldn’t believe it- the consults were gone in 7 minutes!“  I love developing [tag]basketball drills for youth[/tag] teams- and these consults have been amazing.  I’m realizing many of you have the same questions.  I’m developing a series of 6 clinics that will go on over the next 6 weeks.  If you’d be interested in hearing about these clinics- be sure to put your name and e-mail in the orange box in the top right corner.  I’ll send out a big notice before each of the clinics so you won’t miss out.

The basketball clinics will be the next best thing to the private consults.  Very Cool!