Special thanks to Linda for sending this one in.  If you’re struggling with a timid youth team and need [tag]basketball drills for youth[/tag], try this out!Basketball Drills for Youth

From Linda
Here is a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] that I created and have tried–a little unorthodox, but the boys loved it and it warmed them up in a really fun way for practicing lay-ups.

Our [tag]basketball warm up[/tag] was- working in pairs – standing on one leg hopping -Trying to get your opponent to put down their other leg on the floor. No holding permitted.

This continues for 5 minutes, rotating partners putting dominant players together from pairs. The aim of this was to get the boys used to the physical contact.  My boys tended to be a little timid on game day, and often back off if the opposition is good at using their body.  The hopping (both feet have to be used) is for strengthening their ankles as they are triggering all the balancing tendons/ligament muscles etc.

Next [tag]basketball[/tag] drill was on to layups, focusing on the jumping and lifting of the opposite leg, talking about using your mass momentum.