If you’re looking for [tag]basketball drills kids[/tag] especially try this one.  It worked like a charm at the 7-8 yr. olds“  practice.  It’s a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] that is a keeper in my practice book permanently!

Steal Game
Each player gets a [tag]basketball[/tag] and starts dribbling inside a designated area.
While they are dribbling their ball, they try to knock another player’s ball out of the designated area WHILE defending their ball.
The last person left in the area wins.

The girls LOVED it!“  And they got fierce defending their ball!“  I had never seen them do this while in an actual game.  At the same time, they were learning hand-eye coordination because they were having to dribble without looking at their ball.

This drill worked so well that they asked to do it at the next practice, and even the parents were asking if they could do it again.