We incorporate karate kick pads and foam pads (we have a 4″ foam pad wearing a red jersey) into our [tag]basketball drills that improve skills[/tag] and teach the players how to initiate contact while concentrating on the basket.

Our [tag]basketball drill[/tag] consists of the following:
1. Full court [tag]basketball lay-up drills[/tag] – two lines on opposite sides of the court
a. Each line has an offense and defensive player – the trailing defensive player’s job is to trail the [tag]basketball play[/tag], stop and box out avoiding the common mistake of following too far under the basket thus overrunning the rebound.
2. Coach’s stand under the basket just off the direct lay-up line with the pad.
3. Players\coaches initiate contact while making the lay-ups
4. The defensive player rebounds, chins the ball, pivots and starts the next lay-up with an outlet pass.

This drill stresses and teaches them to:
1. Initiate contact.
2. Protect the [tag]basketball[/tag].
3. Absorb the contact with their off shoulder.
4. Concentrate on the lay-up.
5. Minimize the number of dribbles down the court.