If you’re searching for [tag]basketball fast break transition drills[/tag], try this one.  It is a [tag]fast break drill[/tag], with blocking out, ball handling, passing and shooting.  We call it “rip and run”.

Break your [tag]basketball[/tag] team into 3 teams–3 on two and 4 on one team. The mismatched number is fine. You can use it to handicap the teams, or to increase the challenge.

Start with two teams; one player is at the foul line, the others line up for the rebound.  Whichever team rebounds, the offensive team heads for the other basket. On any rebound or change of possesion the direction changes.

We play until one team scores; they stay on up to three times. The defense has to quickly take a man, help out and rebound. The conditioning aspect of this drill is real nice too. We play this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] for about 15 minutes.