This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is one of my teams favorite [tag]basketball fast break transition drills[/tag]. You can use any combination of bigs or guards.  We do this drill for about 5-6 minutes continuously, as it is a great conditioning/fast break/passing/layup drill.

You can also add push-ups at the end of the time for each layup missed or bad/turnover passes.  This adds incentive to the players to focus on working together.

4 players, 1 ball, 4 transitions (up and back twice)
#1 line up at the free throw line on the left elbow, #’s 2 and 3 line up at the free throw line extended, and #4 at the basket.
#4 lays the ball in the basket, takes out of bounds and outlets to the man on the right side #2.

Outletter #2 takes 1 dribble max (more for younger players) and headmans the [tag]basketball[/tag] to #1 who sprints from the free throw line to the opposite basket for a layup. Depending on the age group, the pass should either be a lead pass with no dribble after being caught, or for younger players, allow 1 dribble for the layup.

#3 sprints to the opposite sideline and grabs the ball as it goes through the hoop from #1’s layup, making sure it doesn’t touch the ground. As this happens, #2 sprints to the far free throw line elbow and turns back up court, while #4 sprints to touch the far baseline and then turns back up court.

The basketball drill continues the back up court with #3 hitting #1 as an outlet, and #1 headmaning the ball to #2 for the layup, while #4 sprints back to make sure the ball doesn’t touch the ground.

The drill continues another trip down and back with players #4 and #3 getting their turns for layups, while #1 and #2 run their sprints to the baselines.