This idea for [tag]basketball for kids[/tag] was sent in by Ray.  Here’s the drill he uses with his 7th & 8th grade team.Basketball for Kids

Team“ Chance Free Throws
Have a bag full of constructive consequence“ [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] such as down-and-backs (full court sprints), rapid fire [tag]passing[/tag] drill, suicide, full court speed dribble, slides, etc… Also add things like draw again, double the next consequence, no consequence…
The team lines up for free throws with one shooter and the remaining players in normal free throw rebound position.
The shooter has two shots.
If the shooter makes one free throw, there is no consequence.
If the shooter makes both shots, the next player gets a bye.
If the shooter misses both shots, he has the option to take a chance (third shot) or for the team to execute a [tag]drill[/tag] of the coach’s choice.
If the shooter makes the third (chance) shot, there is no consequence drill.
If the shooter misses the chance shot, he must draw from the consequence drill bag (no looking).

Players want to take the chance most of the time and seem to be much happier executing these drills under the guise of this game.  Of course, the requirements could be more difficult such as making 2 of 3 or 3 of 5.