Teaching [tag]basketball for kids[/tag] can be challenging.  Here’s one [tag]basketball drill[/tag] that work well with youth players.

I call this [tag]shooting drill[/tag] “Beat Michael Jordan” (though you can subsitute in any famous player’s name instead).

To start, the player will toss the ball out for himself with backspin, catching it in the right corner (but staying within his shooting range).

He sprints in front of the ball so that when it bounces he is facing towards the basket.  Make sure he turns as if he is receiving a pass from the top of the key or the wing area.

After the ball is caught, the Player shoots a jumpshot from that position then follows his shot.  He then grabs his own rebound, spins the ball out to another area on the floor, and repeats the above steps.

Scoring: Everytime a player makes a shot, he gets 1 point.  If he misses, he subtracts 2 points.  When a player reaches the score of 7, he has “Beat Michael Jordan”.  If he hits minus 7 first… he has lost to Michael Jordan.  This is a fun drill to run next time you are [tag]coaching basketball[/tag] for kids.
This drill is important because it will teach players proper shooting fundamentals in a pressure situation.  You can have the players do 20 pushups or run a suicide sprint if they lose the game… or potentially offer a reward to players who win it.