With the big release of my new [tag]basketball[/tag] software, Basketball Blueprint, I’ve been really busy today working on individual [tag]coaching[/tag] consultations for “Diamond Package” holders. “  In these consultations, coaches send me a profile of their coaching problems, concerns, questions and I create a private video series (using Basketball Blueprint) to help them bring fun back into coaching [tag]basketball for kids[/tag].  Here’s a coaching consult I was working with today….sound familiar?

Coaches E-mail…….
Pat: Thanks for the software…and the consultation. Looking forward to your feedback. I am coaching a 7th grade boys Traveling B Ball Team. These kids have been in the system for the past 2 years. A few of the kids are already familiar with different offenses and defenses…so I do not really need help there. Just need to get a grip on the intensity level. I have coached at high school level mostly and it was about 20 years ago. So, now just getting back into it.

We have an excellent, but small point guard who can control the ball very well and penetrate too. Off guard is fast and can run the court well. 3 player is good perimeter shooter, just needs to learn to drive and create space for himself. We are not tall and have post players that do not have great skills. We are pretty fast and would love to push the ball down the court whenever possible.

Here are the main things I would love to go over with you:

Making kids more aggressive and passionate about what they are doing.

Best press to run with kids I have

Best Zone Offense to run

Better transition and fast break drills

Look forward to hearing from you…


This was a great one to work on – I created 3 “basketball for kids” videos to help this coach with his questions- here is the e-mail I sent back to him:


Hi Coach,

I put together a pretty comprehensive consultation for you which I hope will answer all your questions.

You can watch the video clinic I created for you at this link:

——- 20 min Private Coaching Consult Video Link——

I also provide some context for you in this email.

1) Increasing Aggresion

This is a pretty common problem with youth coaches as some players have a tough time treating basketball as a “contact” sport.

A lot of kids are worried about fouling out… so they shy away from contact completely.

Others prefer a finesse style of game, and struggle to battle with larger, more physical players.

I find that the biggest disadvantage of lacking aggression is usually on the boards.

That’s why I created this video of the Animal Rebounding Drill for you. When you’re running the Animal drill, here are a couple things to focus on:

– light fouls are permitted
– no play stoppage for scoring, out of bounds, travelling -> players just keep going until you tell them to stop
– keep control of the drill by splitting off into several small groups (get a parent or assistant coach to help out)

2) Best Press To Run

The press I provided for you is called the Kamikaze press. It’s perfect for you because it forces your players to play ultra-aggressively.

You can run this one in practice when you need to increase the energy level as well.

3) Zone Offense

I made a video of the Oregon Zone Offense for you. This should fit the needs of your team… it’s designed for teams with a strong three-point shooter and a point guard who can penetrate and force the zone defense to guard him.

4) Fast Break Drills

The Celtic Passing drill will help teach your team:

– how to run the passing lanes on a fast break
– how to push the ball up quickly
– different options to score off the fast break

Coach Pat

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