If you are looking for [tag]basketball free throw[/tag] drills to help your team performance, give these two a try.  These are quick and effective [tag]basketball drills[/tag] and your team’s performance will benefit.


#1“ “  Line up all players in single file behind the foul line.
First player in line has the [tag]basketball[/tag]. If he makes the foul shot, all the others have to make it to stay in line. If he misses, he goes to the end of the line. This continues until one player makes it. If they miss, they are to run the endline until you have one player left.
That player must make the foul shot for all players to return for the next go round.

#2“ “  Players are to shoot two foul shots. If they make both, they don’t have to run laps. If they miss both shots, they run three laps. If they miss the first shot, but make the second one, they run two laps. If they make the first, but miss the second, they run one lap.
This symbolizes the front end of the one and one at the end of the game.