For a fast paced [tag]basketball practice[/tag], one of the [tag]basketball full court drills[/tag] we like is this continuous 4 vs 4 vs 4.  It is perfect for teams of 12 or more players!

Players play four on four with a specific team goal in mind (defense, rebounding, help side Defense, minimum of 3 passes before taking a shot on Offense, etc).

When one team scores, the losing teams does a half set up line (foul line, end line, center line, foul line).

As this is happening the scoring basketball team is heading down the court to take on a new set of four players.

If the defense steals the [tag]basketball[/tag] or creates a turn over, they become the offense and go attack the other 4 players while the team that turned the ball over, run a half set of lines.

Goal of the drill–to score quickly, in order to catch the team running lines off gurad and score a fast break lay up.

This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] continues until one teams get three fast break lay ups in a row!