This is one of our favorite [tag]basketball full court drills[/tag].  Try this three man fast break drill with your team. Not only does it improve skills, it’s a great conditioning [tag]basketball drill[/tag] as well.

I put a [tag]basketball[/tag] player on both ends of the baseline (drifting up toward the time line)“  and a BIG in the middle under the basket. The BIG has to toss the basketball off the backboard, catch it with two hands. The other two players on the baseline will have to yell out outlet.

The BIG will pass to the player of choice, then sprint directly up the middle of the floor. The player without the ball will have to be in an all out sprint to receive the next pass to score the lay up (two passes only). This will continue from the other end and the next group will be up next.

Ball must never touch the floor.
The BIGS must sprint from one end to the other end and rebound the ball, teaching him to run the floor,
Looking to transition without any dribble.
Getting easy fast break scores and not giving the defense to set up.

And remember–it’s a great [tag]basketball conditioning drill[/tag]!