One of the [tag]basketball fun drills[/tag] I do is one I do after [tag]basketball[/tag] practice. These are optional and the players can leave if they want but I am finding them all stay to give it a shot.

I have the players line up for free throws. Each player will get two shots. If they miss both shots they run one lap. If they make one they are safe, but if they make both they can pick one of the players on the team to run a lap. They seem to love this part of the drill“  especially if there was some tension between two players during practice. They start to make each other run! There are two guys who always go after each other and now they seem the best of friends.

I also have the three point competition after the free throws. 2 shots to make one, miss both you are out until there is only one left. The winner is immune from laps next practice.

Now remember,“  this is at the end of practice and they all stay to try to win even though they can leave and their parents want to go home.  ALWAYS!

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