One of my favorite [tag]basketball fundamental drills[/tag] is a simple 3 v 2 setup.  You will find your players asking for this one!

I have five lines at the baseline–
Two of the lines are on both sides where the three point arc meets the baseline.
Two lines are at both sides of the paint lines.
One line in the middle.  The line in the middle has a ball.

The person with the ball starts the [tag]basketball drill[/tag] by dibbling to the halfcourt line and touching it with their foot. All the other lines will run out and do the same and touch the half line across from their stating point.  When they touch they will then turn around toward the basket they came from and play a [tag]3 v 2 basketball game[/tag] to the basket.

The two players closest to the [tag]basketball[/tag] will become the defenders, and one must choose to stop the ball and the other will follow in behind.  The two outside players will be on offense looking for qucik passes for an easy bucket.  The drill can continue to the other hoop if the defenders get a steal or a board and can run the floor 2 v 3.