These are some of my favorite [tag]basketball fundamental drills[/tag] to use with younger teams.  They provide a well rounded set of [tag]basketball practice drills[/tag] to get your team ready for the season.

Passing and Dribbling Drill
This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] requires three players and two coaches (or parents)
The dribbler brings the ball down court and has to keep his head up and pass when there is a man open.  The two other players are positioned either on the wing or at post with a coach or parent “guarding” the player.  The“  coach stops guarding at various times and the dribbler has to spot the moment the player is open so he can pass to the open man.

This drill teaches the dribbler to focus and to keep his head up to look for the open man.  Teaches the two other players to move and get open, also to move to the [tag]basketball[/tag].

Conditioning Drill
Wheelbarrows are the favorite.  Two kids–one grabs the other boys ankles and the first boy is in a push-up position with his ankles held up so he can race forward using his upper body to move forward. At mid court the boys switch positions.  This is great for third and fourth grade boys because they love the races and it builds much needed upper body strength.

Shooting Drill
Have a line of boys set up in low and high post areas.They receive the pass, pivot and shoot.  This works for quick game position and game speed shots.  I have added rebounders to get the rebound, and I have added a defender from time to time.

I like working as many skills as possible without making the whole rotation aspect of the drill become too complicated.  But getting the boys rebounding and shooting quickly in close is the best aspect of this [tag]basketball shooting drill[/tag].