One of the [tag]basketball fundamental drills[/tag] I love to use for conditioning and ball handling is called “Snake”.

Basically what happens is the team forms a line and are each dribbling a [tag]basketball[/tag] while they are running.  The leader at the“  front dictates the hand to use, the direction, and the speed of the running dribble (for more advanced groups, you can vary this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] to include other dribbling techniques).  All of the players must copy and follow the leader.

What happens next is the player who is at the back races to the front of the line (on the outside) and becomes the new leader.  You can go through the whole line but certainly don’t have to. You can also determine the line formation, so it is not a random draw.

My teams have always loved the drill and I see a huge improvement in my players’ [tag]dribbling skills[/tag] (and they soon learn to keep their head up!)