I received this suggestion on [tag]basketball fundamentals[/tag] from Kevin.Basketball Fundamentals

Simple but very successful with [tag]basketball[/tag]“ beginners…
Scatter several mats and benches around the gym.  All the young players have a ball . Tell them that there has been a ship-wreck and the mats and benches are floating pieces of debris that they are safe on. Coaches and a few players are the sharks. 
One [tag]coach[/tag] will have a whistle and players have to move to another piece of debris when whistle is blown. If one of the sharks tags a player, they can either become sharks or be taken to the fish net. In our case we put them in overturned hockey nets until the game is completed.

8-10 year olds love this game!!“  It makes them dribble fast. They love to be chased safely. And they like the role play immensely. They even love being put in the net.  They beg to play this game.