Basketball GiftsI’ve got a little Christmas [tag]basketball“ gift[/tag] for you.

I don’t know about you- but the Friday after Thanksgiving
launches the women in my family into full-on
“Christmas Mode”.

My wife hit the shops at 7am (yes she is one of the crazy
folks you see on local TV while the newscaster reports
“on location” at Target)

And as usual… she came back from her marathon shopping
day with the BIG question:


To which I answered (as usual) “I don’t know, let me think
about it”….

This is our traditional song and dance around the holidays. 

My wife pops up the Christmas list of the fridge, the boys fill
it up no problem, my wife puts silly house stuff on her list like
“pot holders”, and my list usually stays blank.

Christmas morning rolls around and as usual- I get more
ties, shirts, and golf tees.


What if this year you did everyone a favor and actually put
something on your list you WANTED. 

You’ve probably been thinking about adding to your
[tag]Basketball Coaching[/tag] “toolbox” for a while, this is the perfect time.

I’ve made it VERY easy for you this year with my
“Basketball Wish List”.

Here is how this “[tag]Basketball[/tag] Wish List” thing works:

1) You go HERE:

Tell us what Basketball Coaching Gift you’d love to
have under the tree this year. 

2) We send an e-mail to your “Gift Giver” and let them
know you’ve added a Basketball Coaching Tool
(ebook, video, software, etc) to your wish list.

In the e-mail we give them a special link
which allows them to quickly and easily purchase
the items on your wish list at heavily discounted
Holiday pricing.

3) After your Gift Giver purchases your gift
they are able to print out a “Holiday Basketball
Certificate” to wrap up and put under the tree.

4) Christmas morning comes along and
for the first time in too long- you have a
“toy” under the tree that you actually

The certificate will have your download
information- so you’ll have instant access
to the coaching goodies- right away.

Everyone wins:
– You get something you want (no more bad ties)
– Your wife will stop asking “what do you
want for Christmas?”
– You save you family shopping mall pain
and agony during the holidays
– Can be purchased online in 5 seconds
– No shipping fees
– Holiday discounts for EVERY budget

Before you forget- go fill in your wish list

It’s Official- HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

-Pat Anderson“