This idea for a [tag]basketball how to play[/tag] drill was sent in by Chuck.  Try this out with your team; it will pay off in dividends!Basketball How to Play

From Chuck…

I coach young girls (5th and 6th graders).
When doing the standard lay-up [tag]drill[/tag], I have the player next in the [tag]rebound[/tag] line have to box out one of the coaches in order to get the rebound.  This helps them learn to box out.

Then I have the rebounder dribble towards the corner and I (or another [tag]coach[/tag]) put pressure on them so they can dribble under pressure.  I make sure they use their outside hand to dribble to protect the ball, and have them get clear around me before they make a crisp bounce pass to the next player to shoot. 

If I want to make them work harder, I’ll cut them off on the baseline or as they come off the baseline upcourt, and have them practice their cross-over or spin dribble.  Because it takes a few seconds to get around the defender, we use 2 balls in the drill to keep it moving;“  i.e. while the 1st player is dribbling out towards the corner, the next is going in for the [tag]lay up[/tag]. 

This incorporates several skills into this [tag]basketball[/tag] drill and keeps them challenged.