Out of several [tag]basketball inbound plays[/tag] that we run, this inbound [tag]basketball play[/tag] almost always gives us points.

This is how it works:
Your best passer is the inbounder (3).
Your best outside shooter starts in the middle of the lane (1).
Your tallest player starts at the ball-side elbow (5).
Your other tw players (2) and (4) start on the ball-side three point line facing the lane, the (2) a little higher than the (1) and the (4) a little higher than the (5) on the floor. All movements are at the same time.
The (5) breaks down the lane toward the [tag]basketball[/tag], yelling “ball, ball, ball” with their hands up.
The (2) and (4) set screens on the two outside defenders on the ball-side of the court.
The (1) breaks away from the ball and curls beyond the 3-point line behind the (2) and (4) screens.
The (3) passes the ball to her for the three point shot and steps into the open space near the baseline.

If we need a three, the (1) shoots it, if we need a two, the pass goes to the“  (3) for the the shot.