I’m going to tell you about one of our [tag]basketball inbound plays[/tag] that we call “Special”. Even though it is an inbounds play it can also be used as a fastbreak. It is similar to the well known Stack [tag]basketball play[/tag].

Put your tallest [tag]basketball[/tag] player on 2, second tallest on 1,and shortest on 4, between the leftover players you need to decide who is on 3 and who is going to throw it in. The person throws it in to #2 who jumps catches it, and if the shot is wide open you can shoot,if not pass it it to the person who threw it in. He would have jumped in a little closer in from the 3 point line.

During all of this, #4 is going to run backwards, #3 is going to take one step back, and #2 is going to go and look for a pass from the lane.

If you use it as a fastbreak [tag]basketball play[/tag] then when #2 passes it to the person who throws it in that person can dribble down or pass it to #4 who back to the half court area.