This is one of my favorite [tag]basketball inbound plays[/tag] that I use a lot. This [tag]basketball play[/tag] never lets me down. Works best on a man to man, but I have made it work on a zone.

It is called “free throw“.
1.  #3 inbounds the [tag]basketball[/tag] under own basket
2.  All players line up on free throw line facing basket in this order 1,5,4,2
3. #3 yells break, 1 and 2 go around the top while 5 sets screen for 2 and 4 sets screen for 1. Both 1 and 2 go around the screen to the low post.
4.  #3 looks to pass to 1 or 2 for easy lay up. 2 is usually open all the time.
5.  I usually have 5 count to 3 then break down the middle just in case 1 or 2 are not open
6.  Then 4 pops out to the top for the last option.

This is my bread and butter inbound play that never lets me down!