This is one of the [tag]basketball inbound plays[/tag] we run against man to man defense.  We call this [tag]basketball play[/tag]–Snake.

It sets up with [tag]basketball[/tag] player #1 inbounding, #4 on the ball side low block, #5 on the opposite side low block, #2 in the near corner and #3 in the far corner.

When 1 activates, 4 goes to the far post on the high side of 5 and sets a 2B screen for 3 who sets up his man by driving toward the baseline and then cutting off the high side of the screen, looking for the pass.

After 3 clears the screen, 5 reverse spins on his man, getting him on his back and faces the inbounder as option #2 on the play.

After 3 clears, 4 pops out into the middle of the key or higher ( FT line ) as person back on D.

While all this is happening, 2 stays outside in the corner or shifts up as high as the elbow but stays outside to shoot a jumper/ 3-pointer if his player helps on 3 cutting from far corner.

If player guarding 3 gets hip to the situation and begins cheating over toward the middle before the play starts, 3 can simply take two steps toward the 2B screen and back up for an open jumper from the far corner.  If the defender starts beating 3 to the high side of the screen, he can simply start by faking low side and then staying low side.

This play has helped get many open looks and points over the years.