Below are some of my favorite [tag]basketball jumping drills[/tag].  These drills will improve your team’s ability to grab rebounds and block shots, as well as overall explosiveness and quickness around the basket.

The first is the Toe Touch drill.  The player stands with his feet around shoulder-width apart.  He jumps upward and reaches forward with his hands while bringing his knees up to his chest in mid-air.  He touches his toes before landing.

Repeat this for thirty seconds straight, without stopping.

The second basketball [tag]jumping drill[/tag] is the Heel Touch Drill.  In this one, the player stands with his feet shoulder width apart.  When he jumps, he reaches backward behind his rear end and bends his knees so that his feet almost make contact with his rear end.  He touches his fingers to his heels.

Repeat this drill for thirty seconds straight as well.

The Heel and Toe Touch Drill combines the 2 previous drills.  Alternate between touching your heels and toes with each jump.  Continue for thirty seconds in a row.

Lastly, the Ski drill.  Stand on one side of a line, with your feet side by side, less than one inch apart (similar to the foot position of a skier).  Then jump side to side, back and forth over the line, with a quick low jumping motion.  This should look similar to a skier coming down a hill at top speed, steering side to side.  Use the hands like “ski poles” to balance yourself and increase the speed of the jumps.

Continue for thirty seconds.

Have your players do all 4 of these drills back to back for a total of 2 minutes.  Complete three 2 minute sets, with a 30 second rest in between each one.

It is useful to have your team captain or some other competent player lead the drill, showing the rest of the team the proper technique, speed, and timing that each of these drills should be completed.