Basketball Layup DrillsTake a look at these [tag]basketball layup drills[/tag]. This is a suggestion you can begin using with your team right away.

A [tag]basketball drill[/tag] I really like is great for conditioning and layup skills.  You need five players for this drill; I call it 1,2,3,4,5 drill.

It starts by putting the 5 man with a [tag]basketball[/tag] at one end, the 4 man goes to the other end in the right hand block. The one man goes to the hash mark on the same side your 5 man is preferably the left as you look at the basket. The 2 man goes to the hash mark on at the other end same side as the 1 man. 3 man goes other side of court opposite of thte 2 man. You shoot in the order as the drill named.

Start by the 5 man bouncing the ball off the backboard and outlets to the 1 man who calls for the ball, the 5 man runs to the other end to rebound. 1 man turns and throws ball to the 2 man, who passes to the 4 man in the block who passes to the 1 man for a layup. The 4 man runs block to block ball side and his the feeder to the shooters.3 man runs under the basket to get to the other end at the hash. 2 man runs diag. to ball side hash at the other end. 1 man after the shot goes ball side for outlet and to pass up the floor, then he just keeps doing the same thing until drill is done. 2 man shoots second, etc.

Everyone just keeps going to their spots until everyone has shot.