Special thanks to victor for sending this one in.  If you’re looking for [tag]basketball layup drills[/tag], you MUST try this out!Basketball Layup Drills

From Victor…
I’ve got a simple full court layup [tag]basketball drill[/tag] my high school girls enjoy.

2 girls under each basket, the rest of the girls at each side of the half court line,(even out the amount of players at both sides of the half court line).
1 [tag]basketball[/tag] at each end of the basket.
The players at half court take 3 steps toward the ball then sprint towards the other end of the basket. Both sides of the half court line do this, at the same time, you start out doing right handed full court layups, then reverse the direction and do left handed full court layups.

The player under the baskets with the ball start dribbling towards the players at the half court line, then make a full court pass to the player sprinting towards the basket for a layup. The player making the pass, then goes to the half court line, the player receiving the pass and making the layup then stays under the basket.

It goes in a circle making right handed layups, then reversing the process going the oppisite direction making left handed layups. So using 2 balls at the same time utilizes the whole court.

This drill concentrates on making a full court fast break pass and making the layup.