If you’re looking for new ideas for [tag]basketball layup drills[/tag] try the one below called the Kentucky Layup Drill. This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] works on passing, layups and conditioning so your team benefits three ways!

The players need to get in three lines on each side of the court.  One line is in the outlet position, out by the three point line facing the basket.  The second line should be at half court facing out of bounds and the last line will be at the opposite three point line.  The other lines are the same on the opposite side of the court so you will have six lines.

Basketball Layup DrillsTwo players start off with the [tag]basketball[/tag] on opposite sides of the court.  They throw the ball off the backboard and come up rebound.  The first girl in the first line asks for the outlet and then throws the ball to the first girl in the middle group who then throws the ball to the first girl in the last group.  The player who threw the ball off the backboard sprints down the court and at the end gets a bounce pass from the player in the last line.  The girl who threw the bounce pass goes in for the rebound and then passes to the first line and runs down the opposite side of the court and the lines pass the ball down to give it to her for a layup.  The player who shoots the layup goes in the back of the first line.  The players in the lines that throw the ball, follow their pass and get in the back of those lines.