I’d like to share one of our favorite [tag]basketball layup drills[/tag].  It is a quick offensive [tag]basketball drill[/tag] that I use for my 13/14 year old boys basketball team.

Lay ups with a twist
(An alternative to the same old boring layup lines)
In an effort to maximize vertical leap on layups, we set up 2 folding chairs facing each other about 3 feet apart right near the low block.
We then place a broom stick across the 2 seats.
The last step of the [tag]basketball[/tag] drill for this layup has to be a jump over the stick on the way up for the shot.
We do this for right handed layups and then for left handed layups.

For an added challenge, we then place the chairs back to back about 3 feet apart.  Next we place the broomstick on top of the backs of the chairs for extra height.  We also do this one for both right and left handed layups.

You will be surprised how many kids are able to do this even though at first they don’t think they can.  It is also a lot of fun for the players and it helps their jumping.